NextWeb T1-class WiMAX Internet service Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Orange County and Las Vegas

NextWeb ConT1nuity: T1 plus Wireless Equals True Business Assurance

NextWeb's managed ConT1nuity business assurance solution aggregates wireless and T1 or DSL wireline Internet Access to meet the highest network connectivity and throughput demands for mission-critical applications.

NextWeb wireless access completely bypasses the phone company and offers true path diversity vs. multiple T1 connections from ISPs that must share the local loop copper facilities. Your NextWeb wireless service will independently connect from your building to a NextWeb base station. NextWeb's wireless base stations are redundantly interconnected via licensed OC-3 or Fast Ethernet microwave links back to NextWeb's POP at a core Internet Exchange or regional data center.

NextWeb's ConT1nuity solution is seamlessly integrated into each customer location so that the existing wireline service at will remain uninterrupted.
Customers have found that NextWeb's combination of premium wireless access, when combined with traditional T1 or DSL service, offers customers the highest levels of bandwidth, uptime, availability, and reliability.

Key Features and Benefits Include
  • Fully redundant service (wireless and wireline combined)
  • True path diversity
  • Scalable bandwidth
  • Guaranteed performance and reliability
  • Premium SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Fast installation
  • 365x24 network monitoring and support
Compare for yourself: see why even a more expensive standard dual-T1 configuration cannot provide the level of redundancy required for 100% availability.


  • Typical Dual T1 Solution Diagram
  • NextWeb's Wireless + T1 Fully Redundant Service Diagram
Interesting Facts

Did you know that most long term T1 outages are caused by construction crews digging up telecom lines? When this occurs, it can take many hours or even days to restore service.

Did you also know that even if you order two T1’s from two different ISPs, the actual T1 circuits come from the same phone company, using the same bundles, inside the same conduits, inside the same trenches to a common wiring center?

Download the NextWeb ConT1nuity data sheet here.