NextWeb T1-class WiMAX Internet service Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Orange County and Las Vegas

T1-class pre-WiMAX Internet Service for Enterprise Customers

We understand your challenges
If your company has a large office, or multiple mid-sized offices you need T1-class service that is bullet-proof, full-featured, and is backed by the highest level of service assurance through service level agreements. And, you aren’t willing to pay a premium, you expect to get these features for a competitive price.

NextWeb understands the needs of enterprise customers, because we service some of the largest and most well-established businesses in California.

Enterprise Business Solutions
NextWeb Internet service for Enterprise customers offers a full range of solutions that can be custom-tailored to your needs. It all starts with our carrier-class, fixed wireless broadband network. Because we own our own network, and don’t “lease” phone lines from the local phone company, we can offer you highly reliable service with the highest level of SLA. Our service can be installed quickly, in days, rather then weeks or months that other providers offer. And, if your needs change, as they often do, you can upgrade service, order service at an additional location with a simple phone call. It’s that easy.

NextWeb Super-T service provides enterprise-class connectivity from 1.5 M bps up to 6 Mbps.  That's up to four times the speed of a conventional landline T1!  NextWeb Super-T service includes multiple static IP addresses, 100% committed information rate (CIR), less than 50 ms latency and less than 1% packet loss. If you need added certainty, you can choose our ConT1nuity solution.

If your Enterprise needs signficant bandwidth, you should consider NextWeb's DS3-class HiCap Solutions.  NextWeb’s HiCap service is delivered using carrier-class licensed microwave technology that links a customer’s location directly to NextWeb’s network and the Internet. This eliminates the need for telco infrastructure while providing a high bandwidth, low latency, reliable service.

No Waiting to Get a Tech Support Person on the Line
If you are a large enterprise, you can’t afford to wait on hold to get a resolution to your service issue. Our state of the art 24x7 network operations and customer care center in Orange, California is available any time to answer your questions. Our staff of trained customer service representatives will answer your question quickly, or give you an estimated time to resolution.

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